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"Quick Shipper !!!!!!!!! Seems to work, but I've only taken for two days ....."

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Here is how it works for us:

Take two large glasses of water with each of the two pills one hour before each meal to get the most benefit from the product.

Our experience is that it keeps you from feeling hungry but does not keep you from thinking about eating. 

If you do not have the will power to stay away from food, you can still eat comfortably and eat as much as you want.  Hoodia takes the edge off of the hunger pangs and helps you stick to your sensible eating program.

There appears to be a “build-up” effect as well.  In other words, after taking Hoodia for a few weeks there is a residual effect that stays with you, keeping you from feeling hungry which may allow you to just take one cap.


The 60 Minutes story on Hoodia included this quote:  "Hoodia, a plant that tricks the brain by making the stomach feel full, has been in the diet of South Africa's Bushmen for thousands of years."  Your can view their full story at http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/11/18/60minutes/main656458.shtml

From our ad:

 " This is a new product and we can make no claims as to whether or not it will work for you. After hearing the anecdotal evidence we found the best source material available and offer a quality product to you the customer to try and evaluate for yourself. " 

"Hoodia is not a mind control agent.  In our opinion it cannot stop you from thinking about food.  It WILL take the edge off of hunger and allow you to avoid eating and snacking.  Like any diet you have to make smart choices with food and exercise.  If you sit down to eat, you can still eat comfortably, and YES over-eat.  Hoodia works best with a little will-power."




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